Free download, priceless features

Introducing the Škoda mobile apps that will give your smartphone a host of new features and access to exclusive content. Check the remaining fuel range, turn on the auxiliary heating, or view detailed statistics on every car ride from the comfort of home. Specialised sports apps let you watch sporting events just as closely, second by second. And we’ve prepared several games for small and large drivers alike.

Browse the app list below, download for free and get priceless features which will help to make your life easier. Or they will just make your day a little bit brighter.


Be in complete control of your car wherever you are with the brand new MyŠkoda app. For example, you can check the battery charge status and even manage the charging features remotely or monitor the condition of various parts of your car.

MyŠkoda Essentials

Access all useful features of your vehicle from anywhere and anytime using your smartphone. You can for example display your vehicle’s parking location, control your car’s auxiliary heating or check whether your Škoda is locked and all windows are closed. With MyŠkoda Essentials mobile applicaton you have your vehicle always under control.

Powerpass app

Powerpass is a convenient all-in-one charging app for Škoda Auto customers. This app will help you with both public and home charging when using your smart Škoda iV Charger.

MyŠkoda iV app

Compare your current internal combustion engine car with a selected Škoda EV to find out whether it’s worth your while. With clever features such as trip tracking, consumption comparison and CO₂ emissions, you can easily find out if you should switch from fossil fuel to an electric car.

Škoda Connect LITE

With Škoda Connect LITE you can view your Škoda’s most important vehicle information, your digital logbook and additional features directly on your smartphone. Simply obtain a DataPlug and plug it into diagnostic port. This works for the majority Škoda models manufactured since 2008.

Škoda Move&Fun

Using the Move&Fun app, a smartphone can be used as an additional display for vehicle data, for media playback or as a navigation system in the Škoda Citigoᵉ iV. On top of that, it comes with online services for the app, allowing the battery or air-conditioning to be accessed remotely.

Škoda Media Room

The Škoda Media Services app presents news and general information about the brand’s activities worldwide, an overview of the current Škoda model range, including the latest Škoda Motorsport and product news.

Škoda Adventure

The application presents the Škoda Auto company and acquaints participants in an entertaining way with interesting places in the city of Mladá Boleslav and to makes the permanent exposition of the Škoda Museum special.

Tour de France

by Škoda

This clever app is a must-have for all cycling fans to stay up to date with the race as it happens. It offers not only rankings and live minute-by-minute race updates, but also real time tracking, rider profiles and much more.

La Vuelta

presented by Škoda

Download the official app for smartphones and tablets to check the race’s breaking news, view the gaps on the stage maps and profiles live and consult the classifications and results at the end of each stage.


Škoda Auto is the exclusive partner of the IIHF App.

The app offers ice hockey fans exciting background information and interesting statistics. Thanks to the live ticker with goal alert, fans will never miss a goal and can follow the action virtually in real-time. The betting game allows fans to predict the outcome of the games and share their predictions with friends.

What you need

A smartphone or tablet

Operating systems: iOS or Android. Check the possibility of interconnecting with your car on a specialised portal.

Mobile apps help desk

Let us know if you experience any problems or have any questions.

Škoda Connect

Care Connect services with remote vehicle access allow you to control selected features via mobile or smartwatch.