Charge anywhere with one card

Recharge Life with Powerpass by Elli

Thanks to the Powerpass card you can simply check in with most of the public charging providers. With one card you will be allowed to charge practically anywhere. You’ll also be able to see all your charging data and payments, neatly, in one app. Powerpass has been available since we launched the first Enyaq and it will provide you with access to the IONITY fast charging network as well. Powerpass is a service provided by the Elli company - Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH.

How to start charging with Powerpass?


Download the app

Order your card

Pair the card


Powerpass gives you access to a comprehensive charging network. Use the charging map in the app to find the charging stations supported.

You can choose from three tariffs – Charge Free, Simply Charge, and Charge Faster. More information can be found in our tariff calculator.

A tariff provides you with access to charging stations throughout Europe. The charging itself is not included in the tariff. The energy used to charge your car is paid for separately, based on actual consumption.

In the Powerpass app, when choosing a tariff.

Yes, you need the card, as many charging points are not yet able to communicate with the app.

Check your Powerpass app to see whether your subscription is active and make sure you have an RFID card paired and set as the default for charging. If the app doesn't work, use the RFID card to authenticate and charge. If this is a recurring problem, contact customer support using the contact details on the RIFD card or in the app.

Which tariff to choose for your Powerpass?

New tariffs available from 1 June 2023

Where can I find public chargers?

Powerpass Map

InCar solution for public charging

Powerpass Map is an infotainment app that takes the functionality of the Powerpass mobile app and integrates it into your Enyaq’s infotainment system. It also gives you the option of giving scores to specific charging stations and collecting the ratings submitted by other users.


Plug&Charge (P&C) enables public charging to be authenticated automatically and securely by simply connecting the electric vehicle to a charging station.


Yes, being enrolled as a primary user in MyŠkoda is essential for activating Plug&Charge in your Enyaq.

No, there are no additional costs for the customer in any of the products and services involved.

Use the map feature in the Powerpass app, to see which charging stations around you are Plug&Charge compatible.

Only the Simply Charge and Charge Faster tariffs are compatible with Plug&Charge. The Charge Free tariff is not compatible with Plug&Charge.

Download Powerpass app

Powerpass is a convenient all-in-one charging app for Škoda Auto customers. This app will help you with both public and home charging when using your smart Škoda iV Charger.

Charging cables


Rapid public charging
50 - 175 kW (Enyaq)
50 kW (Kodiaq iV)
MODE 4 charging cable (part of the station)


Public charging
7.2 - 11 kW (Kodiaq iV, Enyaq)
3.6 kW (Octavia iV, Superb iV)
MODE 3 charging cable

Charging units and cable adapters
pdf (3.2 MB)