Introducing our solutions


No complicated procedures, a few seconds is all it takes to use Simply Clever solutions to the fullest.


Age-old everyday worries evaporate instantly with Simply Clever. Enjoy clever solutions that, simply, work.


Simply Clever features are unique to Škoda models. In fact, we have patented our anchor-shaped bag hooks.


Many solutions are incorporated into our models as standard, so all Škoda owners get to benefit from them.


The elegant, timeless design of a Škoda conceals more than you imagine at first glance. The crisp edges and balanced proportions cloak clever details full of amazing features.

Front seats

The all-round roominess typical for the front seats of a Škoda is complemented by sophisticated accessories that enhance the comfort, practicality and safety.

Rear seats

Passengers in the second and third rows will appreciate almost the same number of Simply Clever gadgets as in the front seats. They contribute to a comfortable ride and the easy transportation of cargo, while making travel more enjoyable for the kids.


Škodas always have that extra bit of car. This is most obvious in the luggage compartment, where you will find a generous amount of space. There are all sorts of gadgets for you to make the most of it.

New challenges await

As we are well aware that the needs of drivers and passengers are evolving in the modern, digital world, the Simply Clever solutions that are being developed increasingly integrate connectivity technologies. Take a look at all features found in Škoda models.

Innovations with a tradition

Škoda Auto is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world. Throughout its history, it has come up with many pioneering solutions and models. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane.

Škoda Cars

Not only the Simply Clever features, but also the thrilling design, a sumptuous interior, the latest connectivity options, and high-end technology make our cars simply more than cars.