What is the Over-the-Air Update?

Like your computer or smartphone, your vehicle has embedded software fully integrated into the vehicle. Over-the-Air Updates ensure that the software in your vehicle remains up to date via vehicle network connectivity. The updates are designed to improve the operation and performance of your vehicle and may include new features or functionalities.

Why should I update my software?

It is important to maintain your vehicle’s software. Updates offered remotely, or "over-the-air", are quick, convenient and save your time.

How does the Over-the-Air Update work?

Once the update is available you will be notified via the infotainment screen in your car. The installation can be started from the goodbye screen after you turn off the vehicle. For comfort and convenience of installation, we recommend starting the installation process after you have arrived home or parked the car.

Functional restrictions during the update

Released Over-the-Air Updates

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