Spend a lot of time behind the wheel? Expand your infotainment system with one of our additional apps to give your journey your own dimension!

What are the benefits?

Safe driving

You won’t get distracted by having to constantly glance at your mobile phone screen. Everything runs on your infotainment system display, so it is close to your field of vision and makes your driving safer.

Free trial period

Some apps are free for either six months or a year, and others will remain free without limit (depending on the app). Simply make sure your Škoda Connect services are activated and you’re good to go.

Easy installation

The apps can be easily ordered, installed or activated directly in your car’s infotainment system or via the Škoda Connect Portal – remotely in the comfort of your own home.

What apps can you choose from?

If you own a Škoda with the latest infotainment system and have Škoda Connect services activated, you can extend your in-car infotainment system with the following apps. You can check an app’s availability for your car here.

Pay to Fuel

Škoda Pay to Fuel offers the convenience of online payments directly from the comfort of your car at partner petrol stations. The service doesn’t require your wallet or phone as it’s integrated into the infotainment system.

Powerpass Map

Powerpass Map is an infotainment app that takes the functionality of the Powerpass mobile app and integrates it into your Enyaq iV’s infotainment system.

Pay to Park

Search, select and pay for parking from your car. Pay to Park connects all available parking locations around Europe and puts them in the MyŠkoda app on your phone or the infotainment in your car.


Take advantage of the discounts being offered by our contractual partners on your route. Pleasant discounts and special deals are available at places like petrol stations, retail chains and restaurants.


Help to make everyone’s drive safer. The app keeps you informed of what’s happening on your route directly via your infotainment display. It will also warn you if you are entering a motorway in the wrong direction.

Service Scheduling

With the Service Scheduling app, you no longer have to fret about when to book another service. Your Škoda service partner and your car will take care of this.

Digital Manual

An unfamiliar warning light comes on or you don’t know how to change a flat? The Digital Manual ensures that you always have the instructions for your car at your fingertips, wherever you are.


This app tells you all about the weather in your current location and along your entire route. The weather at your destination will no longer spring any surprises on you either.


Keep on top of your calendar. You can link your calendar to your Google account, check your agenda and even make teleconference calls from your car.


Keep up with what’s happening around you. Add your favourite news channels to your infotainment system and you’ll never miss any news again.

Made a choice?

Order, install or activate the app directly in your car’s infotainment system or online now via the Škoda Connect Portal!

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